Tutorial Windows: How to Create a Signature in Windows 10 Mail Desktop App

Everyone wants to add a personal touch to services used frequently or representing them. When it comes to emails, personalization doesn’t come only in the form of the address, but also the signature.

It comes to show that after a long time of praying, there’s a chance that someone takes your request into consideration. In other words, the new Windows Mail Desktop App gives you the possibility to connect to more services than just Outlook, and truth be told, the app is pretty neat.

If you plan on using the Windows built-in email application from now on, you might want to add all your account details, so you can just stick to reading and sending. One of these aspects is the signature. By default, the Mail App says that the message was Sent from Mail for Windows 10. Here’s how you can change it.

Changing the Email signature

Step 1-a: Press Start (yes, the good old Start Menu) and look for the Mail app.

Step 1-b: Use Win + S to launch Search and look for the Mail app.

Step 2: Add the accounts you want to use in this service, and proceed to the Inbox.

Step 3: Look for the Gear button to bring up the settings panel.

Step 4: Select Options. Scroll down to identify the Signature section.

Step 5 (optional): Toggle On or Off, depending on what you want or need.

Step 6: Write down a signature to represent you.

Note: You can simply create a template signature in a plain text document and paste it for more comfort, or even grab it from another email account you’re using.

Step 7: Close the Options menu and open up a new message to see how it looks.

Note: Different signatures can be used, because the one you write down in the Options menu only applies for the active account. You need to switch to a different one and go through these steps again if you want to add a signature for another account.

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