Tutorial Windows: How to Prevent Windows Hibernate from Eating Up Disk Space

Since Windows can run on several types of devices, some of which strongly depend on battery life, different power plans are available to use. Some can even be used to save your entire session for when you log back in.

However, after a long time of using the computer without caring after it, you can end up with little free disk space, but no sophisticated or large programs installed. In your search to free up more space, there’s a chance you came across an incredibly large file called hiberfil.sys in the drive where Windows is installed.

Its size is due to the amount of data it keeps together so you can start from where you left off when your computer enters hibernation. Just like others around the web believe, we too consider that Hibernate is a power option you can easily live without.

Windows is going to try and prevent you from removing it, but here’s what you can do to get rid of it.

Removing the hiberfil.sys file

Step 1: Press Win + S to look for the settings to Change what the power buttons do.

Step 2: Click the link in the first section to Change Settings That Are Currently Unavailable.

Step 3: Scroll down to the Shut-down settings and make sure Hibernate is NOT checked.

Step 4: Open up Windows Explorer and access View Options.

Step 5: Switch to the View tab and disable the entry to Hide Protected Operating System Files.

Step 6: Navigate to the Windows root drive and identify the hiberfil.sys file.

Note: Don’t rush to delete it, because Windows does not allow you to.

Step 7: Open Command Prompt with administrator privileges (right-click, then run as administrator).

Step 8: Write down powercfg -h off and press enter.

Step 9: Close Command Prompt and notice that hiberfil.sys is no longer there.

To sum it up

Bottom line is that you never know when and how quickly disk space can fill up. In most cases, it’s done with files and because of features you don’t use and need. In this situation, it’s better to save your work more often rather than occupy precious space through hibernate.

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