Tutorial Windows: How to Speed Up the Windows 10 Upgrade

Windows 10 is offered free of charge to those running Windows 7 or 8.1 if they perform a direct upgrade to the new operating system, but in some cases, this upgrade process takes more than expect and appears to hang.

According to Microsoft, it could take longer to download and install Windows 10 on some computers, depending on their configuration, and the company says that sometimes, about 24 hours could be needed to successfully deploy the operating system.

While that’s certainly a lot to complete an OS upgrade process, Microsoft says that you should keep an eye on your hard drive, and if it still flashes, “there’s a good chance it is still making process.”

And yet, there are some moments when you might be tempted to believe that the upgrade process has stopped:

· At the black screen with a blue circle at the 30-39% range, while Windows is downloading all dynamic updates for Windows 10

· Again at 96%, when Windows is busy backing up your data

· And at the message “It’s taking a bit longer than usual to set up your device, but it should be ready soon”

Quick tips

First and foremost, you should make sure that your computer is fully compatible with Windows 10. Microsoft explains that on old hardware, it takes more to download and install Windows 10, while on new computers, about 20 minutes should be enough.

If the upgrade takes more than expected on compatible hardware, disconnect any USB devices that you don’t need (this doesn’t include mice and keyboards because you’ll need them, but you could try disconnecting them too until an input method is required).

Also, try disconnecting extended display cables, as Microsoft explains that “this has been seen to speed up the download process significantly.”

If the upgrade takes more than 24 hours, you are strongly recommended to contact Microsoft support and tell them the CPU make and model, your country, install percentage and other details. Setup logs might be needed, especially if you’re no longer able to get to the desktop.

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