Tutorial Windows: Save and Restore Your Windows Desktop Layout

Desktop space is always a concern and buying a larger monitor is not a solution. What’s more, some situations might mess up your icon arrangement, and it takes time to clean up afterwards.

Alternatives include working with complex folder structures or using multiple desktops, but with an abundance of icons, navigation and identification still takes time. If you’re into more desktops, the upcoming Windows 10 is sure to solve your problems.

If not, developers came out with various different programs to save a snapshot of the desktop layout and have it restored on demand. Amongst the top of its kind, DesktopOK is sure to be of help for more than just remembering your layout.

Saving multiple layouts

Step 1: Download and run DesktopOK.

Step 2: Press the Save button to test out its features.

Step 3: Click on the name to give it a tag you easily remember it by.

Step 4: Change the icons around and create layouts for different purposes.

Note: A simple way to test out functionality is pressing Punch The Icons after saving a layout to spread all icons in a random order across the desktop. Hitting the restore button reverts chances in a second.

The Tray Icon can be used as a way to quickly access all saved layouts, including the possibility to save a new one. In addition, various System Tools and Window Management options are at your disposal.

Hiding Desktop Icons is a neat built-in feature that can be configured even to trigger automatically. Cursor Hiding is also possible after an idle period.

Auto Saving takes snapshots of the layout at custom time intervals, with the possibility to trigger only if changes occur. Moreover, a default layout can be set to trigger at every system startup.

In conclusion

With all the possible ways to fill your desktop, it’s difficult to resist the temptation of giving DesktopOK a try. It’s one of those enhancements that don’t look like much, but have a lot of power under the hood. Just imagine what it can do with multiple desktops.

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