Tutorial Windows: Alternatives to Windows Photo Viewer

Your mobile phone is most likely fitted with a powerful camera. Even if you don’t use it at its full potential and simply selfie your way on social networks, pictures taken with the camera first end up on your computer.

This is the point where the default image viewing application kicks in. Basic management doesn’t require anything more than what Windows comes with by default. It’s not the best out there, with some pictures taking forever to load, and no implemented editing options.

Until Windows hits the market and unveils its new, powerful Photos app, here are a couple of alternatives that are sure to both make up for no editing options, as well as the plain environment through stylish, 3D locations.

Replacing your default picture viewer

Step 1: Download and install IrfanView.

Step 2: Make IrfanView your default image viewing application.

Step 3: Open any picture to check out the set of features.

Navigation is simply done through left and right arrow keys, or the upper toolbar buttons. Zoom in and out either through toolbar controls or pressing + and – keyboard buttons. What’s more, you can select an area and click it to zoom in on the selection.

Editing benefits from a whole lot of options. Placed under the Image menu, functions are available to apply basic operations like resize, rotate and crop, or advanced options to create tiled image, manage colors, or stitch more pictures to make a panorama image.

Odd/fun image viewer alternative

Step 1: Download and install Sysygy Image Viewer.

Step 2: Launch Gallery Creator first in order to set up pictures you use.

Step 3: Press the Add Pictures button and load all images

Step 4: Save your set under a custom name, and close Gallery Creator.

Note: Currently, you can only use up to 51 images in a single show. It’s best to create more, diverse galleries.

Step 5: Launch Sysygy Image Viewer.

Step 6 (optional): Click on Options to view and configure resolution, rendering quality, audio settings where you can also add a custom playlist, your character, as well as keyboard input.

Step 7: Click on One Visitor.

Step 8: Select a picture set from the list and switch to the Select Gallery tab.

Step 9: Pick one of the three available galleries you can explore.

Step 10: Press the Start button and immerse yourself in a 3D virtual gallery that puts all of your pictures up for display.

Note: The application comes with a multiplayer options, letting you create or join servers and gaze upon vacation pictures or funny moments with your friends (at least in theory).