Tutorial Windows: How to Block Driver Installation/Update in Windows 10

One of the problems that some users are experiencing in Windows 10 is that various drivers are not yet compatible with the new operating system, so a number of devices might fail to work correctly after the upgrade.

Worse, drivers can also break down some other Windows features, and in some cases, they could cause the OS to crash and display the infamous BSOD.

So in order to get rid of this, you have to remove the drivers, but Windows 10 automatically searches for new ones and for updates and reinstalls them every time.

In case you’ve already experienced this behavior, you’ve probably searched Windows 10 for driver settings and you’ve come across an option that allows you to enable Windows 10 download driver software and realistic icons for your devices.

There’s only one problem: this option only disables or enables the service for drivers when new devices are connected to your computer. So in case you remove one driver and reboot your computer, it is still automatically reinstalled by Windows 10.

Microsoft comes to the rescue

Microsoft knows that it’s quite hard for users to block driver installation and update in Windows 10, so the company has released a small tool in the form of a diagcab file, which lets you choose which driver you want to hide.

“To temporarily prevent the driver or update from being reinstalled until a new driver or updated fix is available, a troubleshooter is available that provides a user interface for hiding and showing Windows Updates and drivers for Windows 10,” Microsoft explains, hinting that, at some point in the future, this feature can be bundled directly into the OS.

Everything was developed as a wizard, so just read the on-screen instructions and press next when you’re ready. The app also lets you unhide some drivers when new versions that might fix your problems are out.