Tutorial Windows: Keep Your Windows Programs Up To Date

With all the precision brought by a computer, it’s still impossible to create a perfect application. As such, every now and then major brands release updates for programs to improve functionality and add new features.

By default, Windows can be set to automatically take care of itself and your drivers. On the other hand, third-party programs need more attention, some alerting you of new updates upon launch, while others quietly upgrade themselves.

Since there’s a solution for everything, there are several applications specially created to scan your computer for installed programs and check whether or not they are up to date. Below are a couple of examples, how they work, and how to manage them.

Using SUMo

Step 1: Download, install, and run SUMo.

Step 2: Wait for it to scan your computer for all installed programs.

Step 3: Click the Update column header to filter entries so you easily identify the ones that need an update.

Step 4 (optional): Right-click an entry to force check, skip updates for specific time periods, add to the ignore list, and more.

Step 5 (optional): Click the Add button to manually include programs to the list, in case you don’t find it in the results.

Step 6: Hit Get Update to upgrade a program to its latest version.

Step 7 (optional): Access the Settings menu to make the program run with Windows and automatically check for new updates, and even include Beta versions.

Using Software Update

Step 1: Download and install Software Update.

Step 2: Three icons are placed on your desktop, Clean computer, Drivers Update, and Software Update. Be sure to run the one that says Software Update.

Step 3: Wait for the scan to finish, or press Rescan if nothing happens.

Step 4: Your default web browser now opens up with a list of programs that need to be updated. Choose the ones you want and perform necessary operations for update.

Step 5 (optional): Hit the Settings button to make the application run on startup and check for updates, hide beta versions, or customize results.

In conclusion

You never know what a new version can bring, but it’s not all about features. Keeping your computer programs up to date minimizes the risk of errors, compatibility issues, and other unpleasant events.