Tutorial Windows: Quick and Easy Windows File Sharing over the Web

Sharing flourished along with the evolution of the information superhighway. Large quantities of data travel across the web in the form of videos, music, confidential documents, homework, or even group selfies.

Social networks let you easily share files with your friends, but so does Windows. Your Microsoft account has the potential of generating a download link for any file on your computer. Sure, some processing needs to be done, but we’ve put together a few steps to exemplify file sharing through Windows features, as well as one of many third-party applications.

Sharing via OneDrive

First of all, copy the files you want to share to your OneDrive storage space. It can easily be accessed via the OneDrive icon in the File Explorer left navigation pane.

Method 1 – online service:

Step 1: Navigate to your OneDrive folder.

Step 2: Right-click the target file and choose to Share With OneDrive.

Step 3-a: In the Invite People section, write down the e-mail addresses of individuals you want to receive files. Add an additional note and hit Share.

Step 3-b: Click on Get a Link to generate a download URL. Send the link to anyone that needs to download your file.

Step 3-c (pictures only): Press the Publish to Facebook button to post pictures directly on your wall.

Method 2 – Metro App:

Step 1: Press Win + S, search for OneDrive, and access it.

Step 2: Locate and right-click each file you want to share. Note that a bottom toolbar becomes visible. Click on Share when done selecting files.

Step 3-a: Select Invite People to send an e-mail with the attached files and download instructions.

Step 3-b: Choosing to Get a Link generates a download URL you need to distribute yourself. The link is automatically sent to your clipboard so you can just paste it where needed.

Using third-party services

Step 1: Download and install Attachmore.

Step 2: Run the client and sign in either with your Facebook account or creating a new one, don’t worry, it’s free.

Step 3: Right-click on a file, selection, or folder, and choose to Upload to Attachmore.

Step 4-a: Hit the Copy Link button and distribute it to individuals you want to receive uploaded files.

Step 4-b: Press Email Link and choose your preferred service to send a message containing the download URL.

Additional options:

Security Settings let you set download conditions such as recipient’s email address or password confirmation.

Notification Settings alert you either by an email or SMS message when the item is downloaded.

Expiration Settings make sure files can only be downloaded a specific number of times or in a maximum of 15 days.

In conclusion

These aren’t the only methods you can use to beam files over the web, no doubt. Apart from attaching files to email messages or sharing through instant messaging applications, methods above are quick, efficient, easy to use by anyone, and with little to no limitations regarding file size.