Tutorial Windows: Record Gamelpay with Windows 10 Game Bar

Windows 10 is almost here, that universal operating system that is to unite mobile devices, game consoles, and the PC. This is exciting news for gamers, with less to worry about in terms of compatibility and data sync. There’s also another aspect to consider, video recording and broadcasting, but Microsoft already thought about that.

Many gamers like and want to share their experience with the public, with some individuals that have already made names for themselves. This brought about a big wave of video uploading and streaming, with tons of recording applications to choose from.

Just like you can find out from the web in case you haven’t tried Windows 10 yet, Microsoft created a tool for gamers in this regard. At the press of a button, you can bring up a small menu with a few video recording controls, without disrupting your gameplay.

Recording with Windows 10 Game Bar

First, this feature is in close relations with the Xbox Live app. Don’t worry, it’s already in Windows 10, you only need to access it for some advanced Game Bar settings. Otherwise, the feature is activated through a hotkey while you’re playing.

Step 1: Launch a game, any game, it can even be a browser Flash game.

Step 2: While playing, make sure you’re in a safe spot and press Win + G.

Note: Some games or programs might not be recognized by Windows, with a prompt asking for confirmation in these circumstances. Granting permission opens the recorder anyway, and you can save the option not to be asked again.

-> Record That is activated by pressing Win + Alt + G. It captures an area of interest or focus.

-> Screenshots are taken with Win + Alt + PrintScreen. It’s also the default Windows hotkey to take and save a screenshot.

-> Recording is triggered and stopped when pressing Win + Alt + R.

Settings provide a little insight on Background Recording, Clips, and some general options. In addition, you can access the Xbox App for more options in the Game DVR section. It lets you manage download locations, handle clips, and even share them with your friends.

Note: So far, the built-in Windows recording feature only works with some hardware components and video boards, but since it’s dedicated to gaming, there’s little chance issues are encountered.

Using third-party applications

A neat and free utility is Open Broadcaster Software. It welcomes both beginners and experienced enthusiasts to not only record gameplay, but also stream it live through various popular online services like twitch.tv, CyberGame.tv, or YouTube.

Step 1: Select the only available Scene in the bottom homonymous pane.

Step 2: Right-click in the Sources section, and choose to Add new, with a decent amount of options, such as window, screen, image, text, video, and game.

Step 3: Press the Settings menu to configure input and output options, as well as hotkeys for easier navigation.

Step 4: With the Scene and Source selected, choose to Start Recording and Replay Buffer.

Note: Each source keeps an eye out for the target window, and records only if active. You can record from multiple sources, including two connected webcams to show your face, suitable for live streaming.