Tutorial Windows: Search and Replace Text in Windows Documents

An easy way to win a bet is to place it on whether or not there’s a computer in the next office you’re going to walk in. Whatever its main purpose is, everyone uses it to write either an email or chat with acquaintances.

With this in mind, you can say that text is an important part of using a computer. It’s even used as the building blocks of any running program or video game. However, trying to find specific text strings in documents can be a tricky task, not to mention replacing text in more files.

Although there’s no built-in Windows feature that lets you replace text without actually opening the document, developers came out with solutions, as always. As such, we found a couple of utilities that are sure to come in handy for dealing with text.

Using Actual Search & Replace

Step 1: Download, install, and run Actual Search & Replace.

Step 2: Specify the search path. It’s best to choose isolated area and exclude system drives or folders for faster search.

Step 3: Switch to the Search and Replace tab.

Step 4: Choose the Search Type to use, as well as the Modification process which can be to replace or insert somewhere inside the document.

Step 5: Write down the word or phrase to find, as well as what to replace it with.

Step 6: Press the small Search button. Results are displayed in a list, and clicking them displays content.

Note: This program can only accomplish search and replace operations for TXT and HTML.

Using InfoRapid Search & Replace

Step 1: Download, install, and run InfoRapid Search & Replace.

Step 2: In the bottom toolbar, add the extensions you want to look for.

Step 3: Write down the word or phrase to search and specify a path.

Step 4: Switch to the Replace tab.

Step 5: Fill in the middle field with the word or phrase replacement.

Step 6: Hit the Start button to initiate the process.

Step 7: Confirm the Replace dialog.

Sadly, neither of the two is able to properly replace text strings in DOC or DOCX formats. There’s a chance it works with InfoRapid Search & Replace, but be sure to make a backup first, otherwise the document gets corrupted.