Tutorial Windows: Windows Might Just Help You Quit Smoking

There are various reasons we take on vices, although we know and understand the risks. One vice in particular that’s been going on for some time now, claiming thousands of lives every year, is smoking.

Sure, everyone has a certain degree of freedom to treat the mind and the body the way they see fit. But when you come to think of it, there’s literally no benefit to smoking, and you surely know this from books or individuals who try to make you stop. If you consider you don’t have the willpower, maybe this computer application can help.

Trying yet another method to quit smoking

Step 1: Download, install, and run Stopbuddy.

Step 2: Fill in initial requirement fields like name, smokes a day, currency, and more. Be honest for all to go smoothly.

Step 3: Press Yes to start monitoring your progress.

Step 4: Close the application and go on with your work. Each time you run it, you’re asked whether or not you smoked so that status can be updated.

Helpful areas to explore:

The Doctor icon gives you the possibility of viewing a body monitor that changes according to time spent without smoking. Disease stats display the risk percentage of getting sick, or worse. In case you’re feeling withdrawal symptoms, generous info is provided for more than ten conditions.

The Professor neatly explains what sort of problems can appear from smoking, how your physical appearance is affected, several reasons an individual takes on smoking, and the well-known reasons to stop.

The Coach is there to aid on a personal level. Several emotional withdrawal symptoms can be analyzed to see if you fit descriptions and what can be done. Whenever you consider putting a cigar in your mouth, you can read other things you can do instead. Personal motivation lets you write down lifetime goals. There are even a few solution for the stubborn who consider they have found a good reason to smoke.

A few last words

Nobody is forcing anything on anyone. It’s all up to you to decide what happens and over what you want to have control. However, intensive smoking can lead, in most cases, to a tragic end. Don’t give up on trying just yet and give Stopbuddy a shot.