Akhirnya Repo Contrib Mandriva tersedia lagi

Ternyata beberapa hari yang lalu repositori Mandriva, khususnya repo Contrib mengalami kegagalan tragis. Hampir seluruh dunia kehilangan repositori contrib ini, kecuali beberapa repositori (sementara pada waktu itu saya pakai repo milik salah satu universitas di Turki).

Berikut penjelasan dari Eugene Dodonov selaku maintainer Mandriva:

on February 14 around 5pm BRT, an issue happened on tier-1 Mandriva mirror (rsync.mandriva.com), which most all of its content to be lost.
Fortunately, the primary mirror (raoh) was not affected, so the packages were sincronized back with raoh, and everything should be back into shape soon.
We are still investigating what happened, but I’ll let you know when we discover what caused the issue.

Eugeni Dodonov

Dan hari ini dijawab dengan pulihnya kembali repo contrib ini, berikut berita resmi dari Blog Mandriva:

The Mandriva primary mirror ran into an issue last week which caused the package tree to be severely broken on all replicates. This created troubles to the Mandriva mirror maintainers, and to the community of Mandriva developers and users. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused. The problem has been identified and the primary mirror has been serving files properly again since Friday 19/02 20h CET. Be informed that the re-design of our mirroring infrastructure is a work in progress, with the goal to minimize the probability of such outages. We’ll let you know as soon as it is up and running.

Case closed! Tapi tetap harus menunggu beberapa hari biar seluruh mirror didunia juga turut pulih 🙁

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