Crunchbang Linux 11 R20120430 is Released

The first CrunchBang 11 “Waldorf” development builds are now available for testing. For anyone unaware, these are the first builds to be based on Debian Wheezy sources. Wheezy is the current testing branch of Debian and therefore is likely to experience changes, bugs and breakages. These first builds are not recommended for anyone who requires a stable system, or is not happy running into occasional breakages.


The main focus of these builds has been to migrate the build system from Squeeze to Wheezy, and to fix any resulting breakages. Now that the migration is complete, these first test builds should provide functionality that is on a par with the existing Statler release.

Whilst not the primary focus, working on development builds of a new branch does afford the opportunity to review the list of installed applications. Of note, the following has changed:

  • SLiM replaces the deprecated GDM. Note, LightDM is under consideration for future builds, but at this point, it does not appear to offer any real advantages over SLiM.
  • Chromium replaces Iceweasel. This change reflects my personal preference and recent browser usage statistics.
  • Compton replaces xcompmgr and Cairo Composite Manager. Compton provides a stable compositing solution and for the first time, compositing is enabled by default.
  • PulseAudio is now installed by default.

Known issues

  • “module unix not found in modules.dep” is displayed when booting, The message is harmless and is a known upstream bug:
  • Slow/unusable Intel PRO wireless over 11n. This appears to be a known kernel bug and patches have already been applied upstream. If your system suffers from this, a quick search should provide details about how to temporarily disable 11n connections, until a fix arrives.
  • Theme parsing errors reported in .xsession-errors. These should disappear/stop being reported when GTK 3.4 libs enter testing.

Unknown issues

As always, please feel to leave feedback and suggests. Your input is really appreciated and really does help to improve quality and usability. If you have feedback, please either reply to this topic, or create a new topic in the ‘Devel: CrunchBang 11 “Waldorf”‘ forums. via Crunchbang Forum

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