How to Fix Amarok on Ubuntu 9.10 64bit Problems

I recently installed Ubuntu on my newly purchased Dell vostro 1520 laptop. Since it is a 64bit machine (Intel core2duo T6670) I installed 64 bit edition of Ubuntu. I installed amarok which got installed without any error. But when I try to play songs, it is not playing. Infact when I select songs, nothing is getting selected. I even tried opening song through amarok unsuccessfully.

This problem was there in Ubuntu 9.04 and I hoped it won’t be there in Ubuntu 9.10. I recently installed Ubuntu 9.10 and the problem still persists. I have installed Exaile instead and it is working fine. All other players including VLC, Movie Player, Real player are working and so I guess codecs aren’t any problem in this case. Is this a problem with 64 bit version of amarok?

Owh, hopefully i found the solutions. We need to install LibXine1-Plugins!.

sudo apt-get install libxine1-plugins

Yes, the Amarok is ready to rock!

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