How To Install Cinnamon (Replace Gnome 3 Launcher) on Fedora Linux 16

Clement Lefebvre is proud to announce the unique availability of the Cinnamon Project, a GNOME 3 desktop environment fork which offers a traditional layout, its easy to use, powerful, flexible, and provides advanced features.

If you don’t like Ubuntu’s Unity and/or the controversial GNOME 3 desktop environment, we are introducing today, January 3rd, the jaw-dropping and beautiful Cinnamon desktop environment, forged by the creator of the popular Linux Mint operating system, Clement Lefebvre.

Highlights of Cinnamon

  • Based on GNOME 3 and Mutter, and forked from GNOME Shell;
  • Uses one single, auto-hideable bottom panel (will also be movable in the near future);
  • Provides window list, systray icons, a “show desktop” button, and all MGSE’s features;
  • Provides a Main Menu that has the same layout as mintMenu, and offers options to add apps to favorites, to the panel or to the desktop;
  • Provides custom panel launchers;
  • Provides a sound applet that lets users control and launch your music, to switch the sound from your headphones to your speakers and vice-versa.

Example Screenshoot of Cinnamon on Linux


Step by Step Installing Cinnamon on Fedora 16

You can install Cinnamon on Fedora 16 easly with update your repository and add the cinnamon repository:

curl -o /etc/yum.repos.d/fedora-cinnamon.repo
yum install cinnamon

After installing, logout and select cinnamon at GDM login. This is screenshoot Cinnamon on Fedora 16:


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