How to Install GIMPBox (Single-window Mode GIMP)

Before Install

Before proceeding, there are a few issues that occur when using GIMPBox that you should know about:

  • when launching GIMPBox, there is a slight delay (probably 1-2 seconds) when GIMP is not running as single-window. But like I said, the delay is very small;
  • If you use Unity and AppMenu (Global Menu) is enabled, the GIMP menu won’t show up on the top panel. You can still access the menu by right clicking inside the GIMP window or by running GIMPBox with a special command (see below) which will make the menu to show up in GIMP (but it’s not possible to get the menu to show up on the top panel) like in my screenshot.
  • You can’t open multiple images by right clicking an image and selecting to open it with GIMP.
  • By default, the keyboard shortcuts won’t work. However, there is a way around this: you can press TAB and then you should be able to use the keyboard shortcuts. This is only required once for a session, but if you edit multiple images in the same time and keep switching between them, you’ll have to press TAB again to use keyboard shortcuts.
  • it doesn’t work with GNOME3

If you are ok with these issue and want to use GIMPBox, let’s proceed.

Installing GIMPBox

1. Install the GIMPBox script.

If you want to take a look at the script, download it from HERE. For easier installation, copy/paste the commands below in a terminal:

sudo apt-get install python-wnck
sudo wget -O /usr/local/bin/gimpbox
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/gimpbox

2. Edit the GIMP shortcut to run the GIMPBox script instead of GIMP.

Search for “Main Menu” in Dash or for the classic GNOME desktop, right click the menu and select “Edit Menus”. Then, under “Graphics” select “GIMP Image Editor”, click Properties and:

a) If you don’t use Unity with AppMenu (global menu), replace “gimp-2.6 %U” with “gimpbox %U”:

b) If you use Unity with AppMenu (global menu) enabled, replace “gimp-2.6 %U” with “env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY= gimpbox %U” (yes, there’s a space after “=”):

The special shortcut for those who use AppMenu is required because using GIMPBox, the AppMenu won’t work. Using “UBUNTU_MENUPROXY= ” will disable the AppMenu for GIMPBox so the menu will be displayed inside the window, like in my screenshot.


If you want to edit the system-wide GIMP shortcut, open a terminal and copy/paste this:

gksudo gedit /usr/share/applications/gimp.desktop

And in this file, use the same command as explained above (under a and b) for launching GIMP.

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