Mandriva 2010.1 Spring – Problem Collection

This page contains the Errata for Mandriva Linux (2010 Spring). This means it contains information on known problems with Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring and, where available, how to fix, avoid or work around them. You should also see the Release Notes, which contain more general information on the Mandriva Linux 2010 Spring release.

The Free DVD (and free-dual CD) installer can’t be started in text mode
Selecting “Text”, from the menu that appears by pressing F3 at the initial GRUB screen, to start the installer in text mode doesn’t work, this is a known bug, tracked here: Bug #53874.

You can workaround this issue as follows:

  • Press F6 (Kernel Options), select Default then press Enter
  • In the command line that appears type text then press Enter.

This should start the installer in text mode as expected.

Windows version of Mandriva seed does not work in Windows Vista and Windows7. Please wait until the latest Seed released.

Poor 2D performance with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 Hybrid X2
When not using the proprietary fglrx driver, the desktop performance may be poor on laptops with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470 Hybrid X2 (for example Acer Travelmate 5530G). The issue can be mitigated either by switching to the proprietary driver or enabling KMS.

To switch to the proprietary driver, select your card in Mandriva Control Center > Hardware > Set up the graphical server > Graphics Card, then select Yes when asked whether to use the proprietary driver for your card.

If you do not wish or can’t use the proprietary driver, you can enable KMS of the free driver by following instructions on the KMS page. For more information, see Bug #58578.

X startup issue on Ones with nvidia proprietary driver
On a few boxes with nvidia cards, X fails to start on mandriva Ones. This issue is being investigated and will be fixed for the Release Candidate. The issue can be workarounded by logging in as root and then typing:
rmmod nvidia
modprobe nvidia
/etc/init.d/dm restart

Another way is to use the “xdriver=free” boot option in the One boot menu to use nouveau instead of the nvidia proprietary driver.

No 3D acceleration for laptops equipped with more than one graphic chipset (such as Intel coupled with nVidia)
This is caused by Bug #59333. After having started your computer, open a console, switch as root, and enter the following command to know the PCI bus’s ID for your graphic chipsets.
lspci|grep VGA
Then add the following line to the /etc/rc.local file :
echo 1 > /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000:01:00.0/remove

You must replace 01:00.0 by the ID of your graphic card you have obtained using the first command.
Restart your computer, then go into the Desktop section of the KDE Control Panel and enable the graphic effects for your desktop. After this manipulation, graphic acceleration and desktop effects should stay enabled every time you start your computer.

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