Mandriva announce New President of Executive Board

Dominique Loucougain will replace Arnaud Laprévote in the position of President of Executive Board (Directoire) for Mandriva France.

Mr. Dominique Loucougain has been appointed President of Executive Board of Mandriva SA, on a temporary basis replacing Arnaud Laprévote in this position. Mandriva’s Supervisory Board voted unanimously for the appointment of Mr. Loucougain who has vast experience in many large IT companies as a manager. The main task Mr. Loucougain has been charged with by the Supervisory Board is to maintain the continuous and ensure operation of the Company for the period of new Mandriva 2011 release which has entered the final phase following the first release candidate from 30 June 2011. Mandriva 2011 is likely to become finally ready for distribution in late August 2011. It is the first time that the release is being developed simultaneously in three countries, three development centres, such as French Mandriva, Russian ROSA and Brazilian Conectiva. The first release candidate gained a lot of good feedback from the community in the first several days.

Arnaud Laprévote will stay with Mandriva to provide assistance to a new management team in the transitory period.

via Mandriva Blog

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