Mandriva Rilis Technology Preview 2012

Mandriva Linux, distro besar yang terlempar dari jajaran teratas distrowatch karena masalah diperusahaan dibelakangnya, kini merilis versi technology preview (TP) 2012.

Dirilis oleh pemimpin project yang baru dengan konsep pengembangan baru yang berbasis komunitas, kini Mandriva sedang mengakselerasi pengembangan distronya yang mandeg setengah tahun terakhir.

Versi TP ini sejatinya adalah snapshot dari cooker yang akan dijadikan basis pengembangan tahun ini. Selengkapnya bisa anda baca pada kutipan berikut:

Per Øyvind Karlsen has announced
that a technical preview of the
upcoming Mandriva Linux 2012 is
now ready for download and
testing: “As several might have
noticed, I already (unofficially)
released ISO images for this release
a few days ago, but we hesitated a
bit about making it official quite yet.
As no big blunders have been
reported and the feedback has been
pretty nice in general, I’ve now
pushed the release to the public
mirrors and now consider it as
official. This also means that people
may now start pushing more
experimental stuff to the Cooker
again. ” Here is the brief
announcement. The release is built
on top of Linux kernel 3.4.1 and
includes KDE 4.8.4, GNOME Shell
3.4.1, Xfce 4.10, LXDE 0.5, LibreOffice
3.5.2, Firefox 12.0 and the usual
range of open-source software
applications. Download the
installation DVD images from here:
(4,156MB, MD5 ), mandriva-linux-
(4,214MB, MD5 ).

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