OpenNebula 3.4 Is Released

The OpenNebula community has announced the release of OpenNebula 3.4 which now supports multiple data storage backends, with separate stores for VM images, disk images in file format, iSCSI/LVM for disk images on block devices and a specialised VMware store for the vmdk format. These new data storage backends work alongside new transfer drivers. The release also reintroduces the concept of load balanaced, high availability clusters.

The web front end of OpenNebula has also been enhanced with a new tree like menu system to make it easier to access the resources of an installation. Options have been added to the front end to support the datastore and cluster enhancements. Other changes include VNC support for the self-service portal and SSH for VNC proxies. The OpenNebula Zones has a revamped virtual data center (VDC) which makes use of clustered resources and several improvements have been made to the Cloud Servers APIs.

OpenNebula, which bills itself as the “open source cloud computing toolkit”, is used by organisations such as the European Space Agency, KPMG, Fermilab, Logica, China Mobile and CERN. As always, OpenNebula releases are named after nebulas; version 3.4 is code named “Wild Duck” after the Wild Duck stellar cluster.

More information on OpenNebula 3.4 is available from the detailed release notes. The software can be downloaded from the project’s web site as source or binary packages for CentOS 6.0, Ubuntu 10.04, openSUSE 11.4 and Debian 6.0.2.

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