PCLinuxOS 2010.07 KDE Screenshots

PCLinuxOS 2010.07 has been released in several different flavors. KDE, GNOME, LXDE, and XFCE flavors are now available for download or purchase. I have reviewed and taken screenshots of each new PCLinuxOS 2010.07 flavor and will be releasing them here over the next four days. Today is the default KDE flavor but first, here are some standout features that all flavors have in common. PCLinuxOS 2010.07 Standout Features: The Linux Kernel, Nvidia and ATI fglrx driver support, multimedia support, Addlocale providing support for over 60 languages, easy OpenOffice installation and MyLiveCD which lets you take a snapshot and burn to CD. For a complete list of features visit the official release announcement.

PCLinuxOS 2010.07 KDE

If you like KDE or are interested in a highly graphical desktop environment, check out PCLinuxOS 2010.07 KDE. PCLinuxOS puts on just about the best KDE show around. KDE is the PCLinuxOS default desktop environment and this release features KDE 4.4.5 paired with the Linux kernel and various up-to-date applications. Some packages you might recognize include amarok-2.3.1, dolphin-4.4.5, firefox-3.6.6, gimp-2.6.9, k3b-2.0.0, pidgin-2.7.1 and tvtime-1.0.2, just to name a few. Read more…

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