Raspberry Pi Model B Terbaru akan dibekali RAM 512MB!

Berita terbaru seputar Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Foundation mengumumkan mereka akan mengedarkan Raspberry Pi model B dengan RAM 512MB, sesuai dengan harapan dan request dari pengguna selama ini. Dan kabar gembiranya, harga Raspberry Pi Model B dengan RAM 512MB ini masih sama dengan model B dengan RAM 256!

Raspberry Pi is a nifty mini PC, but some users wished it had more RAM memory. Well, the Raspberry Pi Foundation has granted them that wish.

According to the makers of Raspberry Pi, there was an increase in suggestions from users that would have paid more for a Model C, with 512 MB of RAM, instead 256 MB of RAM.

Usually, more memory means a higher price for the product, but the Raspberry Pi Foundation has decided re-release the Model B, from now on, with 512 MB, at the same price.

“If you have an outstanding order with either distributor, you will receive the upgraded device in place of the 256MB version you ordered. Units should start arriving in customers’ hands today, and we will be making a firmware upgrade available in the next couple of days to enable access to the additional memory,” explained Eben Upton, a founder and trustee of the foundation.

Raspberry Pi relies on an ARM processor with a clock speed of 700 MHz, 512 MB of RAM, an SD card slot and a 5V Micro USB connector that supplies the power. It also features RCA and HDMI ports.

via Softpedia

Apem! saya sudah kadung beli yang 256MB RAM-nya…

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