Rilis SUSE Linux Enterprise SP2

Hari ini, SUSE Linux merilis Service Pack keduanya untuk paket SUSE Linux Enterprise miliknya. Beberapa hal baru dan khas ditawarkan oleh SUSE pada distro SLE SP2 ini.

Silakan baca kutipan releasenya berikut untuk info lebih lengkap:

Nuremberg, Germany
February 28, 2012

SUSE today announced the general availability of SUSE® Linux Enterprise 11 Service Pack 2 (SP2). This latest update to the industry’s most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing offers improved performance, reliability and efficiency, while maintaining enterprise quality and application compatibility. Customers can use SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP2 to deliver their mission-critical IT services faster, more reliably, and more cost effectively, today and tomorrow.

“In order to stay ahead of our competitors, we need to exploit every possible advantage – including IT advantages,” said Urs Frey from Services Informationstechnologie at Die Schweizerische Post. “During internal tests, we’ve been impressed with the overall performance, reliability and quality, and are looking forward to moving our production workloads onto SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 Service Pack 2.”

Forward-Looking Development
SUSE has 20 years of experience supporting global enterprises with complex systems. More than 13,000 customers worldwide, representing every type of business, rely on SUSE to deliver IT services reliably, securely and cost effectively. This latest service pack is a result of a new forward-looking development approach that leverages mature community Linux kernel development processes. By combining modern Linux kernels, consistent libraries and interfaces with a unique, forward-porting approach, SUSE provides customers faster access to open source innovation, while maintaining enterprise quality and application compatibility.

“Historically, Linux vendors delivered enterprise quality and kernel stability by standardizing on a given kernel release, and back-porting upstream enhancements to that kernel over time. We are starting to see the industry move away from this approach,” said Al Gillen, program vice president, System Software, at IDC. “SUSE’s approach leverages the growing maturity of the upstream Linux kernel development processes and allows the company to apply its innovation where it makes the best business sense, while maintaining a product that offers the long term application environment stability that enterprise customers demand.”

New Features Offer Improved Performance, Reliability and Efficiency
SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 SP2 is the first release built using SUSE’s new, forward-looking development model. Notable features include an updated Linux kernel, enhanced filesystem support, and expanded virtualization capabilities:
– 3.0 Linux kernel: SP2 includes scheduler and memory management optimizations, support for transparent huge pages and per-CPU network load balancing. These features improve the performance of compute and I/O intensive workloads. SP2 supports the latest Intel* Xeon and AMD* Opteron processors, and exploits new hardware RAS features like CPU and memory offlining.
– Btrfs: SP2 is the first Linux platform to offer commercial btrfs filesystem support. Snapper, a unique tool that’s integrated with YaST and Zypper, uses the copy-on-write and snapshot capabilities of btrfs to help administrators audit and roll-back system configuration changes, improving resiliency and services availability.
– Linux Containers: SP2 includes support for Linux Containers – highly efficient and low overhead OS virtualization. Also designed to work well with Xen*, KVM, ESX and Hyper-V*, SP2 offers the most extensive virtualization capabilities of any enterprise Linux distribution.

Anda dapat mengunduh Service Pack ini dengan terlebih dulu login pada laman Download,

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