Smuxi IRC Client – Features

Smuxi currently supports the following features:

User Interface Features

  • Detachable Frontend (frontend can be detached from a smuxi-server)
  • Desktop Notifications (with full support of actions, icons, updates, append and sound)
  • Messaging Menu / Indicators (as provided by Ubuntu’s Ayatana project)
  • Unified Nickname Colors (identical color across channels and networks)
  • Caret-Mode (keyboard navigation through messages)
  • Browse Mode (allows to navigate through tabs without moving the markerline)
  • Regular and Bash-Style Nickname Completion
  • Full Keyboard Control
  • Message / Command History
  • Configurable Command Character
  • Quick Connect Dialog (simply connect to any server)
  • Open / Join Chat Dialog
  • Find Group Chat Dialog
  • Sorted and Reoderable Tabs
  • Colors are checked and adjusted for optimium contrast
  • Clickable URLs
  • Word Wrapping
  • Configurable Highlight Words
  • Markerlines which divide old messages from new messages
  • Toggle-able menubar
  • Full screen mode
  • Themeing Support
  • Configurable Font
  • Foreground / Background Color
  • Userlist Position
  • Tab Colors / Position
  • Configurable Timestamps
  • Configurable Tray-Icon Support

Connectivity Features

  • Multiple Server Support (you can connect to more than one server)
  • Configurable Encoding (ISO-8859-1/15, UTF-8, etc)
  • HTTP / SOCKS Proxy Support
  • SSL Support (with optional certificate validation)
  • Multiple Network Protocols
  • IRC Support
  • Twitter Support

IRC Features

  • Stripping Colors and/or Formattings from Messages
  • Showing mIRC Colors
  • Splitting oversized messages
  • Channel List / Search
  • CTCP Support including a Menu
  • Invite To Menu
  • Lag Indicator

Twitter Features

  • OAuth authentication
  • Reading and Posting Tweets
  • Friends Timeline
  • Replies
  • Direct Messages


  • Auto Connect (automatically connect to defined servers)
  • Startup Commands (when Smuxi starts)
  • On Connect Commands (when connecting to a server)
  • Logging Support
  • Fully customizable filters (to ignore messages or events)


  • Translations
  • British English
  • Czech
  • Catalan (patial)
  • Danish
  • Finnish (patial)
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish (patial)
  • Swedish

Planned features for the next release

  • IPv6 Support

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