TeleHash: Protokol JSON real-time menarik!

TeleHash ( adalah sebuah protokol baru yang mengganti JSON secara real time dan terdesentralisasi secara penuh ke browser. Jika anda termasuk orang yang menguasai bahasa pemrograman Erlang, anda mungkin mengenal sintaks seperti berikut:

// basic Telex with example command
    "_ring": 43723,
    ".see": ["", ""],

// Telex with example signals
    "+end": "a9993e364706816aba3e25717850c26c9cd0d89d",
    "+foo": "0beec7b5ea3f0fdbc95d0dd47f3c5bc275da8a33"

// Telex of a normal JSON object sent between to Switches
    "_to": "",
    "_line": 63546230,
    "profile_image_url": "",
    "created_at": "Sat, 08 May 2010 21:46:23 +0000",
    "from_user": "pelchiie",
    "metadata": {
        "result_type": "recent"
    "to_user_id": null,
    "text": "twitter is dead today.",
    "id": 13630378882,
    "from_user_id": 12621761,
    "geo": null,
    "iso_language_code": "en",
    "source": "<a href="">web</a>"

Lebih detail dari kutipan berikut:

TeleHash enables applications to connect directly and participate as servers on the edge of the network. It is designed to efficiently route and distribute small bits of data in order for applications to discover each other directly or in relation to events around piece of shared content. The core benefits of TeleHash over other similar platforms and protocols is that it is both generic (not tied to any specific application or content structures) and is radically decentralized with no servers or points of central control.

It works by sending and receiving very simple small bits of JSON via UDP using an easy routing system based on Kademlia, a proven and popular Distributed Hash Table. Everything within TeleHash is routed based on a generic SHA hash, usually of something specific to an application or something common like a URL.


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