What does Open Web mean?

What does Ajax mean? Is it AJAX or Ajax?

Remember those discussions? We had the arguments … the purists who would shout and scream if you said something was Ajax and didn’t use XHR with async mode + XML as the format. Brad Neuberg enjoys thinking about these things and has put together some thoughts in two posts: Why I’m Going to Keep Calling it HTML5 and HTML5 Defined! It’s Not Just a Marketing Term.

Brad takes apart the various specs and APIs:
* “HTML5 Strict” – Things that are strictly inside the W3C’s HTML5 spec.
* “Referenced by HTML5” – Things that are referenced by the HTML5 spec and which can optionally be parsed into the DOM and displayed.
* “Broken out of HTML5” – Things that used to be part of HTML5 or its older iterations, called Web Applications and Web Forms.
* “HTML5 Family of Technologies” – Extended set of technologies not strictly part of HTML5 spec or referenced but likely to be used in conjunction with HTML5.
* “HTML5++” – More experimental technologies pushing the web forward that are not part of the HTML5 spec at all; may or may not see broader adoption.

You can take a look of Brad talks here: http://codinginparadise.org/weblog/2008/07/open-web-definition-version-04.html

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