A Thousand Web Hacked by Argentinian Hacker, Nyu

An Argentinian hacker that uses the online moniker Nyu claims to have breached and defaced a total of 1,000 websites from Argentina.

The attack appears to have taken place on November 5, but the hacker published the list of impacted websites on his Twitter account only on Wednesday.

Many of the websites are still defaced at the time of writing. It’s difficult to verify if all the websites in the list have really been breached, considering that Nyu hasn’t provided defacement mirrors.hacker

On the other hand, many of them appear to be hosted on the same servers, so it’s likely that this is how the hacker managed to deface all of them in such a short time.

On each of the impacted websites, the hacker simply wrote “You’ve been hacked” in both English and Spanish. He has also posted his email address and a link to his Twitter account.

You can see the list and hacked mirrors via Zone-H here: http://www.zone-h.org/archive/notifier=[Nyu]

via Softpedia

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