Anonymous Australia Warn Indonesian Hackers To Stop Attacking Innocent Web

A few days ago, Indonesian hacktivists hacked hundreds of websites belonging to Australian organizations. The attacks came in response to news that the Australian government has been spying on Indonesia.

As with many hacktivist operations that aren’t properly coordinated, organizations that haven’t got anything to do with spying on Indonesia have been affected.

Anonymous Australia has released a statement urging Indonesian hacktivists to join them in the OpAustralia campaign they initiated against the Australian government many months ago.


“Innocent businsesses should not be attacked. We all bound together in an effort to bring down our tyrant governments to shape our world as a better place,” Anonymous Australia noted. “We bid you, as a fellow brother to focus on your main target – governments and spy agencies and leave the innocent bystanders out of this.”

The hacktivists warn that if the Indonesians ignore this request, they will “feel the full wrath of [their] fellow legion.”

It remains to be seen if Anonymous Indonesia agrees to join the Australian hackers’ campaign.

via Softpedia

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