CEO Google Bantah Chrome OS & Android Akan digabung

Akhirnya om Eric Schmidt membantah pergantian ketua Divisi Android dengan orang yang sama dengan ketua Divisi Chrome OS sebagai langkah mula dari Google untuk menggabung ChromeOS dan Android. Hal ini diungkapkan beliau di India. Berikut kutipannya:

Google’s chairman Eric Schmidt is in India these days and was attending the high profile The Guardian Big Tent Activate India event taking place in New Delhi. During the event he made it clear that the Chrome OS and Android are not going to be merged and will continue to evolve as ‘separate’ entities.

His statment quashes the rumors that Google may bring Android to Chromebooks and the hint was ‘touch-based’, super high-resolution Pixel Chromebooks. The rumor was fueled with the stepping down of Android creator Andy Rubin and appointment of Chrome OS chief Sundar Pichai as the head of Android.

However, Schmidt did say that there will be more ‘commonality’ between Android and Chrome OS in future which could mean that Chromebooks might run Android apps. Chromebooks have become quite popular latetely and with devices like Pixel the only complaint is lack of native and powerful off-line applications. Android has a huge repository of applications, but they are created with a totally different interface in mind – touch and don’t work very well with keyboard.

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