EduMandriva 2011 Telah Mulai Tersedia

Kabar gembira bagi komunitas pengguna linux Mandriva, disamping akan dirilis edisi Mandriva 2011 pada 29 Agustus 2011 (rencana awal), Mandriva SA juga akan merilis salah satu branch dari Mandriva Desktop yaitu EduMandriva, Mandriva Linux khusus untuk kalangan pendidikan. Sebagaimana rilis berita yang disampaikan oleh multik:

Today is the middle of week and we have two small news for you.

In latest ISO We fixed bug, that prevented loading drivers for USB webcams. Now you can use such programs like Skype without any problems. Try it!

And we shall present you the additional iso images of Mandriva that prepared in the project EduMandriva.

These images will based on the .39 kernel, one of them uses LXDE for window manager and can successfully start and work on old computers, second based on KDE. EduMandriva uses the same code base and the main difference is that programms for education are included by default.

Anda bisa mengunduh file ISO dari EduMandriva disini:

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