Google Integrates Google+ With Blogger

Google is now integrating it’s Google + comment system with it’s blogging platform Bloggers can already ‘tag’ people from their Google+ circle in their posts and now this integration brings these two properties even closer.

The way Google is integrating Google+ with Bloggers goes beyond commenting. This integration also allows bloggers to see who is talking about the blog on their Google+ in the comments thread.

Yonatan Zunger, Principal Engineer, Google explains, “…if there’s a public Google+ discussion about one of your blog entries, those comments and replies will also appear on your Blogger blog. This way you can engage with more of your readers, all in one place.”

Google is also taking care of privacy and if there are readers who don’t want to comment publicly on the blogs they follow, they “have the option to comment publicly, or privately to their circles on Google+. And when they’re browsing blog comments, they can view all of them, just the top ones, or only those from the people in their circles,” says Zunger.

Users can enabled the Google+ integration with Blogger by checking the “Use Google+ Comments” on the Google+ tab of the Blogger Dashboard.

via Muktware

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