HeidiSQL 8.0 is Released

Ansgar Becker has announced the release of HeidiSQL 8.0, the latest version of the open source SQL client for Windows. The new version brings a query history function, supports search and replace in results and introduces folders for tables, views, routines and sessions that allow users to better organise the user interface. HeidiSQL supports MySQL, MariaDB, Percona Server and Microsoft SQL databases and enables database administrators to browse and edit data as well as import and export data from SQL files.

Since the release of version 7 in February 2012 which brought Microsoft SQL compatibility, the developers have made 343 revisions to the code which include new translations and means that HeidiSQL is now available in 23 languages. The routine editor now works with Microsoft SQL servers and the developers have polished the table editor and session manager components. The developers have also fixed the client’s command line version to work correctly for users using the software in WINE under Linux. A detailed list of changes is available in Becker’s release announcement.

HeidiSQL 8.0 is available for download from the project’s download page; the same page also lists experimental nightly versions. The source code for the project is hosted at Google Code and the application is licensed under the GPLv2.

HeidiSQL 8.0 Running on Mageia 3 via Wine

HeidiSQL 8.0 Running on Mageia 3 via Wine

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