How to Install KDE 4.10.2 on OpenSUSE

KDE 4.10.2 arrived this week and is already available for Arch LinuxKubuntu (13.04 in main repo and 12.10 through backport PPA), Chakra and the rest. This monthly udpdate brings quite a lot of bug fixes (more than 100), some notable bugs related to Kmail. You can check the entire list here.

So how to get KDE 4.10.2 for your openSUSE box?

If you are running 12.3 you can add the 4.10 repository (make sure to remove other KDE repositories):

zypper ar -f KDE410

and then update the system for this repository

zypper dup --from KDE410

If you are going to upgrade to 4.10.2 keep in mind, “The package manager may complain about needing a downgrade of the branding packages: it is harmless, as some packages were splitted and as such they report a lower version number. Just accept the downgrade in the branding packages and all will be well,” Luca Beltrame writes on his blog.

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