How to Installing Xen 4.0 on Debian Squeeze (AMD64)

To install Xen, we simply run

apt-get install xen-hypervisor xen-linux-system xen-utils xenstore-utils xenwatch xen-tools

Then open /etc/modules and make sure that we have the line loop max_loop=64 in it vi /etc/modules. see below:

loop max_loop=64

Then open /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp vi /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp, uncomment/add the line (network-script ‘network-bridge antispoof=yes’) and comment out all other (network-script …) lines (antispoof=yes enables the Xen firewall which prevents that a VM can use an IP address that it is not allowed to use, like, for example, your gateway IP). Also make sure that the line (vif-script vif-bridge) is enabled. example:

(network-script 'network-bridge antispoof=yes')
(vif-script vif-bridge)

Reboot your system. Chek the kernel version with uname -r. my example:

root@server1:~# uname -r

To use the hypervisor feature we need to run in when system is loaded. just move the boot order:

mv /etc/grub.d/10_linux /etc/grub.d/50_linux

Reboot and type dm dmesg to check this feature! You should have this example messages:

root@server1:~# xm dmesg
(XEN) Xen version 4.0.1 (Debian 4.0.1-2) ( (gcc version 4.4.5 (Debian 4.4.5-10) ) Wed Jan 12 14:04:06 UTC 2011
(XEN) Bootloader: GRUB 1.98+20100804-14
(XEN) Command line: placeholder
(XEN) Video information:
(XEN)  VGA is text mode 80x25, font 8x16
(XEN)  VBE/DDC methods: V2; EDID transfer time: 1 seconds
(XEN) Disc information:
(XEN)  Found 1 MBR signatures
(XEN)  Found 1 EDD information structures
(XEN) Xen-e820 RAM map:
(XEN)  0000000000000000 - 000000000009f000 (usable)
(XEN)  000000000009f000 - 00000000000a0000 (reserved)
(XEN)  00000000000e0000 - 0000000000100000 (reserved)
(XEN)  0000000000100000 - 00000000affa0000 (usable)
(XEN)  00000000affa0000 - 00000000affae000 (ACPI data)
(XEN)  00000000affae000 - 00000000afff0000 (ACPI NVS)
(XEN)  00000000afff0000 - 00000000b0000000 (reserved)
(XEN)  00000000fec00000 - 00000000fec01000 (reserved)
(XEN)  00000000fee00000 - 00000000fef00000 (reserved)
(XEN)  00000000ff700000 - 0000000100000000 (reserved)
(XEN)  0000000100000000 - 0000000140000000 (usable)
(XEN) ACPI: RSDP 000FA310, 0014 (r0 ACPIAM)
(XEN) ACPI: RSDT AFFA0000, 0044 (r1 052608 RSDT1415 20080526 MSFT       97)
(XEN) ACPI: FACP AFFA0200, 0084 (r1 052608 FACP1415 20080526 MSFT       97)
(XEN) ACPI: DSDT AFFA0450, 960C (r1  1AAAA 1AAAA000        0 INTL 20051117)
(XEN) ACPI: APIC AFFA0390, 0080 (r1 052608 APIC1415 20080526 MSFT       97)
(XEN) ACPI: MCFG AFFA0410, 003C (r1 052608 OEMMCFG  20080526 MSFT       97)
(XEN) ACPI: OEMB AFFAE040, 0073 (r1 052608 OEMB1415 20080526 MSFT       97)
(XEN) ACPI: HPET AFFA9A60, 0038 (r1 052608 OEMHPET0 20080526 MSFT       97)
(XEN) ACPI: INFO AFFAE0C0, 0124 (r1 052608 AMDINFO  20080526 MSFT       97)
(XEN) ACPI: NVHD AFFAE1F0, 0284 (r1 052608  NVHDCP  20080526 MSFT       97)
(XEN) ACPI: SSDT AFFA9AA0, 028A (r1 A M I  POWERNOW        1 AMD         1)
(XEN) System RAM: 3839MB (3931388kB)
(XEN) Domain heap initialised
(XEN) Processor #0 15:11 APIC version 16
(XEN) Processor #1 15:11 APIC version 16
(XEN) IOAPIC[0]: apic_id 2, version 17, address 0xfec00000, GSI 0-23
(XEN) Enabling APIC mode:  Flat.  Using 1 I/O APICs
(XEN) Using scheduler: SMP Credit Scheduler (credit)
(XEN) Detected 2600.088 MHz processor.
(XEN) Initing memory sharing.
(XEN) HVM: ASIDs enabled.
(XEN) HVM: SVM enabled
(XEN) AMD-Vi: IOMMU not found!
(XEN) I/O virtualisation disabled
(XEN) AMD: Disabling C1 Clock Ramping Node #0
(XEN) Total of 2 processors activated.
(XEN)  -> Using new ACK method
(XEN) checking TSC synchronization across 2 CPUs:
(XEN) CPU#0 had -2 usecs TSC skew, fixed it up.
(XEN) CPU#1 had 2 usecs TSC skew, fixed it up.
(XEN) Platform timer is 25.000MHz HPET
(XEN) Allocated console ring of 16 KiB.
(XEN) Brought up 2 CPUs
(XEN)  Xen  kernel: 64-bit, lsb, compat32
(XEN)  Dom0 kernel: 64-bit, PAE, lsb, paddr 0x1000000 -> 0x16ba000
(XEN)  Dom0 alloc.:   0000000138000000->000000013c000000 (921455 pages to be allocated)
(XEN)  Loaded kernel: ffffffff81000000->ffffffff816ba000
(XEN)  Init. ramdisk: ffffffff816ba000->ffffffff8323b600
(XEN)  Phys-Mach map: ffffffff8323c000->ffffffff83963b78
(XEN)  Start info:    ffffffff83964000->ffffffff839644b4
(XEN)  Page tables:   ffffffff83965000->ffffffff83986000
(XEN)  Boot stack:    ffffffff83986000->ffffffff83987000
(XEN)  TOTAL:         ffffffff80000000->ffffffff83c00000
(XEN)  ENTRY ADDRESS: ffffffff81509200
(XEN) Dom0 has maximum 2 VCPUs
(XEN) Scrubbing Free RAM: .done.
(XEN) Xen trace buffers: disabled
(XEN) Std. Loglevel: Errors and warnings
(XEN) Guest Loglevel: Nothing (Rate-limited: Errors and warnings)
(XEN) Xen is relinquishing VGA console.
(XEN) *** Serial input -> DOM0 (type 'CTRL-a' three times to switch input to Xen)
(XEN) Freed 176kB init memory.
(XEN) MCE: MSR 417 is not MCA MSR
(XEN) MCE: MSR 417 is not MCA MSR

Yeeeah, Xen 4.0 is already running well on our system guys! Happy struggling…

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