How to use MySQL Query Browser on Remote Database on Mandriva

MySQL Query Browser is a part of MySQL database product from MySQL (now it owned by Oracle,Inc.). It is a GUI tool to run MySQL Query and get the result on pretty field-way view. MySQL Query browser mostly used by administrator on it own server, altough it can be managing a remote database query. Here is the how-to:

1. Install the MySQL Query Browser with urpmi on Mandriva 2010.1

urpmi --auto-update

urpmi mysql-query-browser

2. Now, run the terminal/Konsole.

3. Login to your MySQL remote server with SSH Tunneling, just type it on your console:

ssh -L 3307:

type your correct tunneling password (use FTP or SFTP password)

4. Run the MySQL Query Browser (KDEMenu -> Development -> Databases -> MySQL Query Browser)

5. Fill the field on Connection dialog, Use (or your defined) as IP, 3307 as the Port, username, password and default schema (default databases, or just leaved it blank to view all databases)

6. Click the Connect button,

7. Viola! You just runned it to Remotely Database somewhere! Mazel tov, and Wassalamualaikum dude!

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