KDE Release the 10.4.2 Edition With More Bug-fix

In their monthly stabilisation update, the KDE developers have fixed 107 bugs in the open source desktop environment and its associated applications. In particular, KDE 4.10.2 improves the desktop environment’s Personal Information Management (PIM) application, Kontact, and its window manager and compositor, KWin. The KDE Development Platform has also been updated. More information about the update can be found in the announcement from the KDE team. KDE 4.10.2 is the second stabilisation update to KDE 4.10, which was released in February.

The update from KDE 4.10.1 to 4.10.2 should not pose significant problems as it includes only bug fixes and minor changes. Because of this, it is expected that some Linux distributions will offer an update to the new version in the coming weeks. The KDE project will be delivering further monthly updates until July, after which the developers will switch their focus to shipping KDE 4.11 which, according to the current development schedule, should be released in August.

A detailed listing of all bug fixes and improvements in KDE 4.10.2 can be found on the KDE bug tracker.

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