Known Issues & Problems on Mandriva 2010 to 2011 Upgrading

There are several post-upgrage issues:

  • during system upgrade urpmi is not replace sysvinit with systemd and its dependencies. System still uses sysvinit for booting.

Solution: set up packages of systemd and systemd-sysvinit via urpmi (or drakrpm)

  • Old network applet is used instead of NetworkManager.

Solution (if you want to use NetworkManager):

    • set up plasma-applet-networkmanagement package
    • add a line NM_CONTROLLED=yes into the file /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-<name_of_interface> (ifcfg-eth0, for example). It should be done for all interfaces, that are given under control of NetworkManager.

The same can be done via graphical tools:

      • run «Configure Your Computer», select «Network & Internet», then — network adjustment module («Network Center»):
      • Push the button «Configure» for choosen network interface and set an index against «Allow interface to be controlled by NetworkManager»
    • add NetworkManager to autorun by command:
[root@localhost ~]# systemctl enable networkmanager.service.

For notebooks also it’s better to turn off standard modules of network control via systemd (it can slightly speed up system boot):

[root@localhost ~]# systemctl disable network.service && systemctl disable network-up.service

Or via graphical tools:

      • In «Configure Your Computer» on bookmark «System» choose «Manage system services by enabling or disabling them» module
      • Select an index against «On boot» against «networkmanager» and (optionally) remove it from «network» and «network-up»
      • Complete installation of all the necessary to networkmanager modules for interaction with VPN, PPTP etc.
      • Add widget «Network Management» to panel via KDE standard dialog:
    • to configure hostname (when using systemd) put a necessary name in the file /etc/hostname:
[root@localhost ~]# cat /etc/hostname
    • remove package drakx-net-applet.
  • Packages rosa-icons, rosa-elementary-theme, qgtklstylealt will not be installed during system upgrade. Solution — install these packages and customize desktop via KDE module «System Settings».

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