Memperkenalkan PeppermintOS Ice – Distro Linux untuk Cloud Computing

Peppermint OS Ice adalah sebuah distro linux ringan (lightweight) dan user-friendly yang dibangun dari teknologi Cloud Computing (Komputasi Awan). Distro ini sanga cocok untuk beberapa notebook dan komputer lawas.

Peppermint OS sendiri didistribusikan dengan desktop LXDE, kemudian Chromium sebagai web browser, serta beberapa aplikasi cloud seperti Editor Pixlr, Facebook, Hulu, Last.FM, Pandora, Seesmic Web, The Cloud Player, YouTube, eBuddy, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Mail, dan Google Reader.

Peppermint Ice?

Menurut yang mengembangkan:

Ice is, by definition, a Site Specific Browser [SSB] that Peppermint creator Kendall Weaver wrote himself as a means to launch Web Applications and/or Cloud Applications [SaaS – Software As A Service, PaaS – Platform as a Service] from the new Peppermint Ice OS. When you launch a web based application using Ice it will call up a custom SSB using the defaultChromium Browser. So, essentially, the Ice SSB acts as software that is installed locally but is actually delivered via the Web.

The difference in using an SSB as opposed to using a tabbed browser is that only one function is assigned to the Ice SSB. In a tabbed browsing system, with several open for example, if one service or site in any given tab crashes you run the risk of losing data by crashing the other tabs and potentially the browser itself. since an SSB is isolated and dedicated to only operating the web application of your choice, if it crashes or hangs, it does not effect the rest of the system. And, because the Ice SSB’s are so sleek, they are perfect for running apps that display better using the most screen area as possible

Untuk informasi lebih lanjut tentang Peppermint OS ini, silakan cek halaman web berikut.

System Requirements:
i386 or derivative processor (AMD64 and x86_64 are fine as well)
192 MB of RAM
4 GB hard drive space (this is an overestimate just for good measure)


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