New Release of BlankON, BlankON 6.0 (Ombilin)

Ainul Hakim has announced the release of BlankOn 6.0, an Indonesian desktop Linux distribution based on Ubuntu with support for Indonesian languages and scripts, as well as English: “BlankOn 6.0 ‘Ombilin’ is the newest version of the BlankOn distribution. It was developed by the Indonesian Linux Mover Foundation and BlankOn developer team. BlankOn is an Indonesian distribution that includes a variety of software that is widely used by consumers in general, such as office programs, financial applications, Internet applications, drawing (both vector and bitmap) and support for various multimedia file formats. Features: four types of scripts, namely Bugis, Toba Batak, Balinese and alphabet of futility; Stardict fast dictionary; Chromium web browser; Exaile music player; USB modem switch, Shotwell photo manager; support for the AMD64 architecture….” Read the release announcement and release notes (both links in Bahasa Indonesia) for further details. An English translation of the release notes is available here.


blankon-6.0-cdlive-i386.iso (698MB), blankon-6.0-cdlive-amd64.iso (698MB).

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