Oracle Linux 5.7 Released

Oracle is pleased to announce the general availability of Oracle Linux Release 5 Update 7 for x86 (32 bit) and x86_64 (64 Bit) architectures.

Oracle Linux 5.7 ships with following three sets of kernel packages

* Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel [kernel-uek-2.6.32-200.13.1.el5uek]
oInstalled and booted by default
* Red Hat compatible Kernel [kernel-2.6.18-274.el5].
oInstalled by default
* Red Hat compatible Kernel with bug fixes added by Oracle [kernel-2.6.18-]
o This kernel, available on x86 and x86-64, can only be installed manually.

This update includes the following kernel/driver changes:

Bug Fixes added by Oracle

* Fix __put_nfs_open_context() NULL pointer panic [orabug 12687646]
* Fix scsi hotplug and rescan race [orabug 10260172]
* Fix filp_close() race [orabug 10335998]
* Fix missing aio_complete() in end_io [orabug 10365195]
* Make xenkbd.abs_pointer=1 by default [orabug 67188919]
* Check to see if hypervisor supports memory reservation change [orabug 7556514]
* Enable entropy for bnx2,bnx2x,e1000e,igb,ixgb,ixgbe,ixgbevf [orabug 10315433]
* Add xen pv netconsole support [orabug 6993043] [bz 7258]
* shrink_zone patch [orabug 6086839]
* Fix aacraid not to reset during kexec [orabug 8516042]
* Patch rds to 1.4.2-20 [orabug 9471572, 9344105]
* Fix BUG_ONs to not fire when in a tasklet -RDS
* Fix lockup of the tx queue – ipoib
* Do not call set_page_dirty() with irqs off – RDS
* Properly unmap when getting a remote access error – RDS
* Fix locking in rds_send_drop_to() – RDS
* Too many getattr and access calls after direct I/O [orabug 9348191]
* Fix PVHVM guest with PoD crash under memory pressure [orabug 9107465]
* Fix PV guest with FC HBA hang during shutdown [orabug 9764220]
* Support 256GB+ memory for pv guest [orabug 9450615]
* Fix overcommit memory to use percpu_counter [orabug 6124033]
* Make configurable timeouts for kcs of ipmi [orabug 9752208]
* Fix memory corruption – ipoib [orabug 9972346]
* Patch removes limit on number of retries an aio can submit [orabug 10044782]
* Do not call loop_unplug for not configured loop device [orabug 10314497]

Driver Updates from the upstream distribution provider


* Added atl1e driver.
* Updated 1000e driver to version 1.3.10.
* Updated be2net driver to add support for multicast filter on the Lancer family of CNAs.
* Updated bna driver to version
* Updated bnx2x driver to version 1.62.00-6.
* Updated bnx2x firmware to version
* Updated bnx2 driver to version 2.0.18+.
* Updated cxgb4 and cxgb3 drivers.
* Updated e1000 driver to add support for the Marvell Alaska M88E1118R PHY and CE4100 reference platform.
* Updated enic driver version
* Updated igb driver.
* Updated igbvf driver.
* Updated ixgbe driver to version 3.2.9-k2 to add support for FCoE and kcq2 support on the 57712 device.
* Updated ixgbevf driver to version 2.0.0-k2.
* Updated myri10ge driver version 1.5.2.
* Updated netxen driver to version 4.0.75 to add support for GbE port settings.
* Updated qlcnic driver to version 5.0.13 to add support for large receive offload (LRO) and generic receive offload (GRO).
* Updated tg3 driver to version 3.116 and added support for EEE.
* Updated iwl6000-firmware to version


* Updated arcmsr driver.
* Updated be2iscsi driver.
* Updated bfa driver to the current scsi-misc version.
* Updated bnx2i driver to version
* Updated cciss driver.
* Updated ibmvfc driver version 1.0.9.
* Updated lpfc driver to version
* Updated megaraid driver to version 5.34.
* Updated mpt2sas driver to version
* Updated mptfusion driver to version to 3.04.18rh.
* Updated qla2xxx driver to version
* Updated qla24xx and 25xx firmware is to version 5.03.16.

_*Software Accessibility
All packages are available via ULN (

Installable binary and source ISO images will be available at shortly.

If ISO images are needed before they are available on eDelivery, please request these via a Metalink service request.

For more information please visit

Thank you


Oracle Linux Team

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