Razor-QT 0.5.2 Dirilis

Bagi anda penyuka desktop Razor-QT, salah satu fork KDE yang masih eksis, bergembiralah dan segera coba Razor-Qt 0.5.2 yang baru saja dirilis.

Berikut berita update-nya:

This is the second maintenance release of the 0.5 series.

Thanks to the great work of our translators, this release features full translations into over 20 languages.

In addition, a number of improvements and bug fixes were made:

First day of week will also be detected correctly on systems with Qt older than 4.8.
Mount plugin received a number of improvements. It will now display volume sizes correctly.
Razor can now use systemd directly to shutdown/supend/etc.
Themes were improved to work well with dark Qt color schemes.
The bug that caused creation of ~/razor and ~/.razor directories was fixed. (If you have such directories, it’s safe to delete them)
And lots of other minor fixes

via Razor-Qt

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