ROSA Kembali Rilis ROSA Marathon 2012 RP2

ROSA Lab dari Russia kembali merilis service pack untuk produk LTS (Long-term Support)nya, yaitu ROSA Marathon 2012. Kembali, ROSA juga melakukan rebranding dari ROSA Marathon menjadi ROSA Enteprise Desktop X1. Berikut kutipan rilis dari web ROSA:

ROSA is pleased to announce the second update pack for ROSA Marathon 2012 operating system with extended (5 years) period of technical support. The pack includes the up-to-date (as of April, 2013) LTS-versions of applications as well as critical security fixes and updated kernel with extended hardware support.  Also, we have re-branded this update pack, which is now called ROSA Enterprise Desktop X1. “Marathon” is kept as a short code name synonym for the enterprise desktop product line.

Download RP2.

Marathon RP 2 contains most important backports from ROSA Desktop Fresh development branch that proved to be reliable and stable. In particular:

  • During the installation, users can now select services that should be enabled/disabled by default (Samba, OpenVPN, CUPS, SSH).
  • Package management Software was updated (RPM 5.4 and new Berkley DB5.2 used as RPM database). This should simplify backport of modifications from future ROSA Desktop releases.
  • Bootload settings (Dracut configuration) were modified to improve stability of systems based on Nvidia/Radeon video cards.
  • Kernel was updated to 3.0.69 (the latest version in 3.0.x series).
  • More than 1000 of other minor improvements were introduced.

Silakan unduh dan coba support dari perusahaan Russia ini…

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