Whats New in MATE Desktop 1.6 + Screenshoot

Caja, the default MATE file manager has received some interesting improvements, including support for new thumbnailers specifications and a new thumbnails frame, a new connect server dialog backported from Nautilus 3, the sidebar has been improved and there were many bug fixes:

mate desktop 1.6 screenshots
The MATE panel Window List now supports middle clicking to close a window and the workspace switcher now has an option to wrap around between workspaces with the mouse wheel.
MATE 1.6 desktop screenshot
MATE Control Center has received some improvements too, including an option to enable Marco compositing manager and fast alt-tab window preferences and others.
Another interesting change has been made to the Notification Daemon which now has anoption which allows users to specify on which screen the notifications should be displayed on and there’s also support for notifications that “never expire”.

Other improvements in MATE 1.6:

  • added support for systemd-logind in mate-session-manager, mate-screensaver and mate-power-manager (now you can reboot/shutdown without ConsoleKit);
  • MPRIS V2 support to send media keys to media players;
  • Caja now supports opening remote terminal;
  • other changes and bug fixes.
Further more, MATE 1.6 ships with new GTK2/3 themes: Menta (seen throughout most of the screenshot of this article), BlackMATE, GreenLaguna and Traditional Green and there’s a new icon theme as well: Menta. Also, GTK3 support has been added to some of the existing themes: TraditionalOk, TraditionalOkTest and ContrastHigh.
With version 1.6, MATE has transitioned to some new packages: GSettings has replaced MateConf, DBus has replaced MateCorba/MateComponent, GIO/GVFS has replaced MateVFS and libnotify has replaced libmatenotify.

Here are a few more MATE 1.6 Desktop screenshots:

MATE 1.6 desktop screenshot


MATE 1.6 desktop screenshot


MATE 1.6 desktop screenshot


MATE 1.6 desktop screenshot


mate desktop 1.6 screenshots


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