Wine 1.5.21 Dirilis

Alexandre Julliard baru saja mengumumkan rilis Wine 1.5.21 tanggal 4 Januari 2012 kemarin. Beberapa fitur dan perbaikan bug telah dilakukan dalam Wine terbaru kal ini. Tidak ada fitur major yang berarti, tapi cukup signifikan.

• The Tecplot 360 software now starts properly;
• cmd now supports /a arithmetic expression evaluation;
• AIM 7.3 no longer crashes as start;
• The audio settings now take effect before the winecfg tool is closed;
• Visual Studio 2010 no longer fails on startup and it no longer needs atl100.AtlAdvise library;
• An option has been added to disable shaping of layered window to work around compositor bugs;
• Rearrange device mapping when a new default device is chosen;
• Plain binary dataprocessing operators have been added to the Thumb2 disassembler;
• A new Radeon HD 6570 GL renderer string has been added;
• Move IDirectMusicDownloadedInstrument to port.c since it is port dependant and perform COM cleanup;
• The ability to select the device resolution from UI has been added;
• Avoid code duplication by reusing PROPSHEET_GetPageIndex;
• Select property now changes events on selection request windows;
• Flush properties notify events before deleting properties;
• Some tests on Internet Explorer 10 have been fixed.

Silakan update kawan….

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