Zentyal 3.1 Released

Hi Zentyal community,

We’re glad to announce the availability of the first Zentyal 3.1
packages and installer. You can download the new installer for 32- and
64-bit architectures from our Beta Downloads page [0]. You can also
install the 3.1 packages on an existing Ubuntu Server 12.04 following
the instructions on our Installation Guide [1].

Zentyal 3.1 is a development version and it will become Zentyal 3.2
(next stable release) in September 2013. Until then we are going to
frequently release new versions so you can help us testing the new
features and improvements.

The highlights of this first beta are:

* New IPS module
* L2TP support in the IPsec module
* Faster Zentyal administration interface!
* New headless (remote administration only) installation in the expert
* Faster boot due to better management of daemons

We are looking forward for your feedback, and don’t hesitate to report
any problem you encounter!

In general, please remember that Zentyal 3.1 is a beta version and it is
not intended for production environments. Having said that, we greatly
appreciate your help in testing this version in order to make Zentyal
3.2 the best release ever!

[0] http://www.zentyal.org/beta

Best regards,

José Antonio Calvo – Lead Developer
jacalvo at zentyal.com

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