Deepin Linux 2014 is Released!

Deepin, a Linux distribution that tries to provide users with a unique, stable, fast, safe, and user-friendly desktop experience based on the latest HTML5 technologies, has reached version 2014 and is available for download.

Key features of Deepin 2014 include support for multiple languages, 10 in total, which are fully integrated in the ISO image, the brand new Deepin Desktop Environment 2.0 with its amazing theme, starter Chinese phonetic search, intuitive hot zone settings, and a user guide, Deepin Control Center app, and new in-house built applications, such as Deepin Movie, Deepin Boot Maker, and Deepin Translator.

“Meanwhile, we have made a comprehensive optimization to Deepin Desktop Environment 2.0 and the internal of the system with a boot memory of only 500M, and the internal prompt mechanism has been improved, which makes Deepin 2014 more lightweight and sensitive,” was stated in the official release announcement for Deepin 2014.


Deepin Control Center is definitely Deepin’s main attraction, besides the ultra-modern, clean, and easy-to-use Deepin Desktop Environment 2.0. It is written in HTML5 and acts as a pop-up panel located on the right side of the screen, allowing users to easily edit various system settings, such as user accounts, display settings, network interfaces, themes, sound cards, power management, input devices, keyboard shortcuts, boot menu, default apps, date, and time.

Among the pre-installed applications, we can mention Google Chrome as the default web browser, Nautilus (Files) as the default file manager, LibreOffice office suite as the default office suite (includes Writer, Draw, Spreadsheet, and Presentation), HexChat for IRC communications, as well as Pidgin as the default instant messenger client.

Additionally, users will be able to send and receive emails with the Mozilla Thunderbird application, access remote desktops with Remmina, write CDs and DVDs with Brasero, view CHM files with ChmSee, and chat with friends and family over Skype. The Sogou input method is also included in this release.

Deepin 2014 also comes with its well-known in-house built applications, such as the Deepin Software Center, from where users can install additional applications, Deepin Music Player, DPlayer, as well as the Deepin Desktop Environment, DPlayer.

“Based on Deepin 2013 depot, we added a lot of third-party software, which could be installed directly by opening Deepin Software Center. Meanwhile, the system supports uninstalling programs directly by the right key in the starter.”

“Now, no tedious Root certification is needed whether in installing or uninstalling software under Deepin. And there is strict control in the whole operation, and thus security problems won’t happen,” was stated in the release notes.

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