Opera 24 Released, Improving H.264 Code, HiDPI Display and More

The Opera developers have released a new version of their Internet browser, bringing some very interesting changes and various improvements.

After the release of Opera for Linux a few weeks ago, the developers have made a quite a few changes to the client and most of the improvements are actually quite important.

“Today, we move the Developer stream to 24.0.1558.3. This time we haven’t added any new features, but we applied a few fixes to those which were presented last time. As the title suggests, we improved H.264 playback, HiDPI-display support and our new method of previewing tabs, among many more fixes,” reads the official changelog.

According to the changelog, a number of OpenSSL errors on non Debian-based distros have been fixed, MP3 and H.264 support has been added, the save button is now disabled for 750ms, support for the 250p scale factor has been added, a crash that occurred in the tab peek when dragging tabs between windows has been fixed, and checkboxes are no longer way too big when using alternative high DPI.

via Softpedia

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