ROSA Desktop Fresh GNOME Edition R2 Dirilis

Installer features:

  • Automatic setting of keyboard layout, language and time zone based on GeoIP identification (GeoIP gets the default parameters, but they’re editable)
  • Acceptable automatic hostname
  • The first user (i.e. user set up during the installation process) gets added into sudoers configuration
  • Better btrfs support (btrfs formatting support moved to standart mode from experts mode; the partition size change command line option was modified to support the new version of btrfs-utils; for more info see
  • Improved ISO generation for better support of USB-boot on some problematic BIOSes with earlier freezing issues (such as HP Elitebook, Sony Vaio etc)

Some system features:

  • Fixed full-screen Flash animation playback issue
  • Fixed ‘Printers setup wizard’ in the GNOME Control Center
  • Using sha512 instead of pam_tcb finally solves the passwords setting issue in the GNOME Control Center
  • The following panels were added directly to the GNOME Control Center: Fonts settings and GNOME tweak tools, plus some usability improvings
  • You can watch video over FTP now from Nautilus
  • GNOME FallBack session added
  • With our ROSA Hotkeys shell extention you may use Windows way keyboard shortcuts in GNOME (gnome-shell-rosa-hotkeys)
  • Fixed some security and usability issues (memory leak problems during long uptime; unlocked ‘two finger scrolling only’ hard locked parameter in the touchpad options so you may now set up the classical edge-scrolling way directly from the touchpad settings; wireless mouse battery level info added into the gsd-power-manager , and so on


  • Empathy notifications

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