Ubuntu MATE is Really Happening, This is Their Logo

A new Ubuntu flavor is brewing and it looks like the project has moved past the prototype stage and a few developers took it upon themselves to make it happen.

Martin Wimpress, a MATE Desktop team member, made some waves the other week by sharing a screenshot from an Ubuntu 14.04 operating system that had the MATE desktop. It seems that this type of desktop environment still has a lot of fans and the response has been impressive.

Ever since Ubuntu developers ditched GNOME 2 for Unity, a part of the community has been “badgering” everyone about the golden days of the operating system. MATE fills that void somewhat, but there is no official Ubuntu flavor.

Users can install MATE on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, but it’s not the same thing. Now, it looks like things are moving forward and Ubuntu MATE Remix even has a logo, which was done by Sam Hewitt (designer working on various projects including Moka, Ubuntu, and GNOME).

Martin Wimpress also said that three people are working on the MATE Ubuntu flavor, Martin Wimpress, Alan Pope, and Brett Wiley.

It’s easy to see that Ubuntu with MATE will have quite a few fans and the expectations from the devs are quite high. We can only hope that they will be ready in time for the Ubuntu 14.10 release in October.


via Softpedia

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