Xen 4.4 Is Released

Xen 4.4 was released earlier this month and this big virtualization update shipped many new features, but there’s even more exciting features currently under development.

Russell Pavlicek spoke about the Xen 4.4 release this week at the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit in Napa Valley. Besides extensively going over the many Xen 4.4 features, he also talked about the future.

Some of the improvements to look forward to in Xen virtualization going forward include:

  • – Xen Automotive for virtualization in your car.
  • – XenGT for real graphics processor access from virtual machines and just not a means of device pass-through.
  • – Continued ARM support for Xen in servers, phones, and other areas.
  • – PVH stability and performance improvements, including AMD CPU support and Domain 0 handling.
  • – Native support for VMware’s VMDK disk format.
  • – Better distribution integration.
  • – Improvements in NUMA performance.
  • – Additional libvirt functionality.
  • – General performance enhancements.

You can see the complete feature here.

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